A decellularised porcine dermal reconstructive tissue matrix targeted for the repair of hernias and body wall defects.

SurgiPure® XD Reconstructive Tissue Matrix, is intended for use as a soft tissue patch to reinforce soft tissue where weakness exists and for the surgical repair of damaged or ruptured soft tissue membranes. Indications for use include the repair of hernias and/or body wall defects which require the use of reinforcing or buttressing material to obtain the desired surgical outcome.

SurgiPure® XD provides a biocompatible tissue scaffold consisting of a decellularised collagen extracellular matrix which allows tissue repair by repopulation & integration of native cells.

SurgiPure® XD Reconstructive Tissue Matrix is a surgical mesh that is made from decellularised porcine dermis. The dermal tissue is processed with the patented dCELL® technology and renders the tissue acellular to provide a regenerative collagen tissue scaffold which is biomechanically strong, biocompatible and allows incorporation of recipient cells.

SurgiPure® XD is processed to preserve structure and allow tissue repair by integration and remodelling.

SurgiPure® XD is a premium featured, value priced extracellular matrix solution for high risk, high acuity hernia cases that require a biologic solution.

SurgiPure® XD has been granted 510k clearance by the FDA and is available to surgeons in the US. SurgiPure® XD is not cleared for use outside of the US.

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