Tissue Regenix’s vision to become a leader in regenerative medicine is underpinned by its core values to maintain a sustainable, ethical and responsible Company.

Fundamental to this are our people and our approach to social, environmental and political issues which could affect our ability to deliver our novel products and improve patient care and clinical outcomes.


Tissue Regenix recognises that it holds a corporate responsibility to its employees, customers, partners, suppliers and shareholders. To this end, the Group ensures to set and maintain the highest working, ethical and management standards.

The Group employs a strict corporate governance code and relies on its experienced management team to ensure that all regulatory requirements across all business functions are met.


Operating in an industry based upon the processing of human and animal derived tissues demands the highest ethical standards. The Group aspires to maintain the highest ethical standards across all business functions and relations. The Group undertakes regular audit checks to ensure that partners, suppliers and employees comply with the ethical standards and operate to meet our expectations. Furthermore, the nature of the industry means that as a business we are held to the highest standards and regularly receive inspections and audits from external organisations including the FDA and American Association of Tissue Banks.


Regenerative medicine is a skilled and technical industry. We must ensure to retain a workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge, and balance of academic and commercial experience to maintain a competitive position among our peers.

Our people are our biggest asset and will ultimately drive the success of our business. We therefore look to maintain an equal, open and supportive work environment within which they can excel to their fullest potential.

Global vision and culture programme, "Verto"

With the increasing importance and focus on employee engagement and happiness at work, in June 2018 we commenced an employee engagement initiative: “Verto”.

The initial objective was to ensure that there was consistency and clarity across the Company following the acquisition of CellRight Technologies in 2017 and embrace the different cultures that a global organisation has.

Verto allowed us a platform from which to engage and inspire our employees. We conducted interviews with every employee across the Group to identify their main concerns and action points to address. This resulted in the creation of six workstreams led by members of the Global Leadership Team with participants split across each business location, division and level.

These workstreams address: Branding and External Perception; Communications and Engagement; Leadership; Vision, Mission and Strategy; Values and Behaviours and People and Development.

The workstreams ensure that all employees have an infrastructure that they can utilise to access all relevant information, contact peers and ensure alignment and input into the new vision, mission and strategy. To date, we have received superb engagement from our employees across the Group and fully intend to maintain this programme, with ongoing plans for further initiative implementation.

Our vision

To establish TRG as a leader in the science and innovation of regenerative medicine. Transforming patient care and delivering favourable health economic outcomes.


Our people are well trained and qualified, thereby enabling the Group to achieve strategic success. We actively encourage further education and ensure that our workforce is continuously trained and developed. Across the business over 54% of employees hold a bachelor’s degree, with a further 16% holding a master’s or doctorate, highlighting the calibre of our people. We believe that we have created a supportive and educational working environment.

Improved patient care and health economics

Tissue Regenix regenerative platforms and products can enable the bettering of patient care, allowing a return to their required standard of living, transforming their lives.

On top of this, it allows for economic advantages in the cost of care by reducing hospital stays and time for healing and rehabilitation, recurring operations and in some cases a reduction in pain.

Our values and behaviours

Our values and behaviours align with our Company vision and mission, driving a culture that will enable the Group to achieve the strategic objectives and vision.

Dedication to patients

Dedication to Patients

Passion for innovation

Passion for Innovation

Driving for excellence

Driving for Excellence

Uncompromising integrity

Uncompromising Integrity

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