CellRight Technologies’® proprietary BioRinse technology extends to the processing of conventional grafts including:

  • Ilium tricortical blocks
  • Uni-cortical blocks
  • Dental blocks
Item Code Item Description Item Dimentions
421005 Unicortical Block 5mm (L)=11-13mm,(W)=13-15mm,(T)=5mm
421006 Unicortical Block 6mm (L)=11-13mm,(W)=13-15mm,(T)=6mm
421007 Unicortical Block 7mm (L)=11-13mm,(W)=13-15mm,(T)=7mm
421008 Unicortical Block 8mm (L)=11-13mm,(W)=13-15mm,(T)=8mm
421009 Unicortical Block 9mm (L)=11-13mm,(W)=13-15mm,(T)=9mm
421010 Unicortical Block 10mm (L)=11-13mm,(W)=13-15mm,(T)=10mm
421018 Tricortical Block 16-18mm (L)≥20mm,(W)=16-19mm,(T1)≥5mm(T2)≥5mm
421022 Tricortical Block 20-22mm (L)≥20mm,(W)=20-23mm,(T1)≥5mm(T2)≥5mm
421026 Tricortical Block 24-26mm (L)≥20mm,(W)=24-26mm,(T1)≥5mm(T2)≥5mm
421041 Talar Dome - Medium (L)=14-18mm,(W)=14-18mm,(T)=10-14mm
421041 Talar Dome - Large (L)=20-24mm,(W)=20-24mm,(T)=16-20mm

The grafts are freeze-dried and sterilised using low-dose, low-temperature gamma irradiation to achieve a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6.

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