Matrix OI® is a Stem Cell Containment® human scaffold that is processed using CellRight's proprietary BioRinse technology.

The product's revolutionary design uses Geometric Compression™ that minimises the use of fixation devices that support graft placement.

The product's pliable handling characteristics facilitate minimally invasive patient and surgeon preferred surgical procedures.

Item Code Item Description Item Size
441010 Matrix OI® Block 10mm (L)=10mm,(W)=10mm, (T)=10mm
441012 Matrix OI® Block 12mm (L)=12mm,(W)=12mm, (T)=12mm
441014 Matrix OI® Block 14mm (L)=14mm,(W)=14mm, (T)=14mm
442001 Matrix OI® Strip 20 x 10 x 10mm (L)=20mm,(W)=10mm, (T)=10mm
442002 Matrix OI® Strip 50 x 7 x 5mm (L)=50mm,(W)=7mm, (T)=5mm
442003 Matrix OI® Strip 20 x 15 x 7mm (L)=20mm,(W)=15mm, (T)=7mm
442004 Matrix OI® Strip 25 x 10 x 7mm (L)=25mm,(W)=10mm, (T)=7mm
442006 Matrix OI® Strip 50 x 10 x 7mm (L)=50mm,(W)=10mm, (T)=7mm
442007 Matrix OI® Strip 50 x 20 x 7mm (L)=50mm,(W)=20mm, (T)=7mm
442008 Matrix OI® Strip 26 x 19 x 7mm (L)=26mm,(W)=19mm, (T)=7mm
442009 Matrix OI® Strip 32 x 16 x 3.5mm (L)=32mm,(W)=16mm, (T)=3.5mm
442010 Matrix OI® Strip 35 x 16 x 3.5mm (L)=35mm,(W)=16mm, (T)=3.5mm
442011 Matrix OI® Strip 50 x 15 x 7mm (L)=50mm,(W)=15mm, (T)=7mm
443010 Matrix OI® CranioDisc Fits 10mm Burr Hole (D)=12mm,(L)=7mm
443012 Matrix OI® CranioDisc Fits 12mm Burr Hole (D)=14mm,(L)=7mm

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