CellRight Technologies® offers patients and surgeons advanced science in its comprehensive portfolio of dental biologics.

The DentalFix portfolio of biologics includes traditional as well as innovative, osteoinductive verified, matrices that feature exceptional handling properties. DentalFix biomaterials are treated using CellRight Technologies® proprietary BioRinse™ process and are delivered sterile “R”. Post-sterilisation, products are verified to be osteoinductive. The BioRinse™ process preserves native bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP’s) that provide the necessary signals to mesenchymal cells during osteogenesis. CellRight Technologies® proudly offers DentalFix™ dental biologics through a worldwide network of experienced distribution partners.

All implants produced by CellRight Technologies® are processed using CellRight’s proprietary BioRinse™ sterilisation technology, and in accordance with AATB standards and FDA federal regulations. BioRinse™ is CellRight Technologies® validated sterilisation process that uses proprietary rinsing agents in multiple combinations designed to kill pathogenic microorganisms, vegetative bacteria and spores. These steps include the removal of debris, blood, bone marrow and lipids - components associated with disease transmission.

All our allografts are available in jars or syringes from 0.25ml to 10mm in increments.

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