DermaPure® is a decellurised human dermis product that signals a new direction for complex and chronic wounds.

DermaPure® is an innovative product for the treatment and management of wounds, transforming healthcare professionals’ approach to healing wounds by signaling the body instead of the wound. 

The DermaPure Difference

DermaPure® works by taking human, cadaveric donor skin and removing the nucleated cells and cellular debris, using the patented dCELL® Technology process to create a natural biological scaffold that is up to 99% DNA-free. The decellularised dermal allograft aids the natural healing process by providing an environment that supports cell migration to facilitate the body’s repair or replacement of damaged or inadequate integumental tissue.

DermaPure® maintains the structure and biochemical characteristics of native dermis, fully integrating into the wound bed after application. It provides a scaffold into which the recipient’s cells can grow, becoming vascularized and supporting the generation of a new epithelial layer, ultimately regenerating native tissue.

DemaPure is available in the UK under the NHS as 'dCELL®  dermis'. 

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