Chairman's Introduction

Tissue Regenix Group plc’s vision is to become a leader in regenerative medicine. This vision is underpinned by its core values to maintain a sustainable, ethical and responsible company. Sound corporate governance is a key part of this.

As an AIM traded company, we recognise the need for ensuring that an effective governance framework is in place to give confidence to our investors, employees and other stakeholders in the business


Compliance with QCA Corporate Governance Code

We have agreed to report against the QCA Corporate Governance Code published by the Quoted Companies Alliance ("QCA Code") and this report sets out an overview of how we comply with the QCA Code at this point in time. We will provide updates as circumstances change.

A full version of the QCA Code is available to download (free for members or for a fee for non-members) from the Quoted Companies Alliance website.

Deliver Growth

Maintain a dynamic management framework

The Company maintains copies of all of its reports and accounts since 2010 on its website.

21 June 2021

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