dCELL® Vascular Patch

The dCELL® Vascular Patch provides a highly biocompatible patch for peripheral vascular reconstruction that supports infiltration of the patient’s own cells allowing host tissue regeneration.
The dCELL® Vascular Patch is manufactured from porcine pericardium using the proprietary dCELL® process. The dCELL® process removes cellular material from tissues while maintaining the structural and biomechanical properties. This results in an acellular, immunocompatible and immediately functional material.

The dCELL® Vascular Patch received its CE Mark Approval in August 2010 and is approved for sale in Europe.


dCELL® Vascular Patch benefits:

  • Proven clinical performance – no aneurysm formation, calcification or infections*
  • Excellent biocompatibility showing successful remodelling*
  • Thin, flexible and strong
  • Handling characteristics like vein
  • Excellent suturing
  • Storage at room temperature
  • No preparation required before use

*At 6 month clinical trial time point, data on 21 patients
Data on file at Tissue Regenix Group

Ordering information

B01-0870           0.8 x 7 cm (minimum)


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dCELL® is a registered trademark of Tissue Regenix